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Hello, my name is Josse Hertogs. I make videos about chemistry and other cool stuff. I run a channel about chemistry on YouTube. This channel is kind of just me learning to edit video’s and coping with the perks of YouTube. The video’s aren’t perfect, but my fellow chemistry enthusiasts don’t seem to mind.

What people say about my channel

Great videos!  I really hate that you have to deal with these stupid bans on chems in the EU.  Keep making great content!

Backyard Science

Excellent videos, glad to see some people are pushing past YouTubes rules and still making awesome explosive content!


Wow!!! Amazing collection. Big respect for enthusiasts like you. Thank you for your job! Like this copper rainbow so much!


The creation of nitrite from nitrate

In this video I show you how to create nitrite from nitrate. Beleave me, even without sofisticated laboratorium equipment this is possible!

Making Tetraaminecopper(II) Nitrate

This video is about the properties of TACN (Tetraaminecopper(II) Nitrate), a very beautiful substance wich also has some energetic properties.

Making potassium copper sulfate (cyanochroite)

I love growing crystals! Unfortunately they always end up as clusters, rather then nice single crystals. Still have a lot to learn!

Pretty cool, or what?!

You can find more of this interesting stuff in my science blog. Learn how to make beautifull crystals or damn cool chemicals, experience the beauty of mushrooms and much, much more!